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Winter is on its’ way…..are you prepared?

 Prepare your medicine cabinet for the cold season by purchasing some Colloidal Silver in time. This month I am offering you Colloidal Silver at a special Autumn Price:

 500ml – R50 instead of R60

1 Litre – R80 instead of R100

50ml Spray Bottle – R50 instead of R70

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Colloidal Silver - Jewel in a Jar?


I stumbled upon Colloidal Silver one day on one of my usual “start in google and follow the links to the unknown” journeys through the wonderful world of the internet.  I was amazed by the things I read and had to try this out for myself.

Amazingly, I read that Colloidal Silver attacks over 650 different types of bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and moulds. I discovered that CS is primarily used in hospitals on amputation, and burn patients, to keep infection of the wound areas at bay and to regenerate the cells.

Looking through the history of Silver as a infection warrior, I read articles mentioning the fact that silver was used by the upperclass subjects as silver was their primary utensil on the dining table as well as containers, such as pure silver jugs containing their water and wines, ensuring them good health and a prolonged lifespan in comparison to those who were less fortunate.

There is suddenly a resurgence of interest in the ionic benefits of silver and we are starting to find it included in things like deodorants, soaps, and to replace pool chlorine for starters. It is also utilized by the airlines in their water fountains to ensure germ free water.

Of course I also read the “DANGERS” of the silver, but discovered through further research, that the couple of cases that suffer from this “silver poisoning” actually probably don’t even use CS, as high grade colloidal silver is completely non-toxic to the human body.

I have watched it heal bedsores successfully (used on the dressing as well as taken orally), and when the colloidal Silver was not used on a daily basis, the patients’ bedsores returned with a vengance.

Personally, I think there is nothing more natural to combat sore throats, flus, and it is the ultimate wound cleanser. Unlike other disinfectants that burn like hell, CS does not burn at all, it initiates healing and gives you that real sense of using something completely natural, without all the additives etc.

The areas that I have used colloidal silver extensively with success: bladder infections, sinuses, mouth ulcers, wounds of any kind, yeast infections, and digestive problems to name but a few. In and around my home I have used it in my fish pond and to heal my plants of fungi infections.

In my beauty regime, I have added it to my toner as well as facial creams and lotions (great for the teenage skin). I always carry a container of my Disinfectant gel in my bag that’s main ingredient is….you guessed it…… colloidal silver.

Mothers will be pleased to know that colloidal silver also can be of great help in the baby department. Use it for nappy rash, eye and ear infections just to mention the basics.

Pet lovers will love this nifty natural product that will only enhance the wellbeing of your beloved cuddly things: Treats all kinds of eczema, skin ailments, flea infestations etc. Spray, or rub it on area that needs to be treated until the problem clears. Add it to the pets water for added health benefits. It has been used to treat cattle successfully for things like mastitis, anthrax, foot and mouth amongst others.

I would warmly recommend that every household has at least one bottle in reserve. It is so universal and can be used without a worry, always a good place to start if you are someone who looks for that natural alternative to treat all health issues of man, beast and plant!

The Colloidal products I stock:

  •  Colloidal Silver 750ml – R75
  • Colloidal Silver Gel 25mlR45

Hate going to a public loo and finding out the soap dispenser is empty?  Grabbing hold of things that at least a hundred people before you have been holding? I have made a natural disinfectant gel that you can keep in your handbag, and apply when you need that instant clean! Smells wonderfully “citrussy”. With the added essential oils of orange and lemon for that instant lift-me-up.

  • Herbal Toner with Colloidal Silver 100ml (no alcohol) – R50

For more information please call me on 082 450 6275