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I am a Vibrational Health Specialist, working with alternative modalities to help you on the road to good health.

Sleep-Ezi Tea

 For all of you out there who battle to fall asleep at night, I have created a tea with a wonderful blend of herbs to remedy exactly that.

 The herb-blend can also be incorporated into a wonderful hot chocolate drink for that little bit of extra indulgence.

 Treat yourself to a great nights’ sleep with my new Sleep Eezy Tea!

Sold in bags of 30g and 60g

30g Sleep-Ezi Tea: R45

60g Sleep-Ezi Tea: R65

to order yours now contact me on 082 450 6275


Bach Flower Remedies - New Venue


I am thrilled to be able to offer Bach Flower Remedy consultations every Monday at Dr.Brandsch’s rooms in Farrarmere. If you would like to book an appointment with me please call on 082 450 6275


Happy Water



I am proud to be able to offer you this fantastic product, based on the findings of Dr. Maseru Emoto this water is truly happy. As you read in the article about the filtered water, once water has been filtered or distilled, it is really no longer alive as all the properties of the water have been removed, bad and good. This “dead water” creates an acid ash which brings with it a lot of other ailments. The happy water concentrate will essentially re-mineralize your water, not only with minerals that our body needs to absorb all our nutrients, but it has been enhanced by the sounds of classical music as well as been produced in a loving environment.

 You only have to taste this water to know the difference. It is like drinking a malted brandy that has been maturing for hundreds of years; the quality is unmistakable and is there with every sip. Water feels smoother, more refreshing and enjoyable.

 This concentrate cannot be used with any chlorinated waters, so it cannot be used with your regular tap water, but is ideal with filtered waters, spring waters and distilled waters.

 Happy Water is living water: ultra-purified, re-revitalized and then re-mineralized with pristine Kalahari Crystal Salt. 

The result: water that’s minerally-balanced, energized, alkaline.

 For more information or to order some Happy Water, please call me on

082 450 6275 

Reflexology Session to boost the Immune System


As winter begins to nip at our noses, we tend to turn our thoughts towards our immune systems and how we can boost them in time to go through winter as easily and comfortably as possible. What could be more delightful than boosting your immune system with a relaxing foot massage. R200 for a session

 For appointments please call 082 450 6275

# See specials of the month for a massage combo special


Natural After Sun Cream

Want to try a natural after-sun that protects your skin and helps to alleviate the sun-damage and stress which ultimately comes with the wonrderful South African sun? I have created a great After-Sun incorporating the amazing benefits of Kigelia – Sausage Tree, Biochemical Tissue Salts, herbal extracts as well as essential oils. Try it now – you will be amazed at the results.

 Available in 100ml container for the price of R75 

New Product Available

 Sleep Easy Spray: 

New this month, I have created a new spray to help those of all ages get some quality sleep. I have added a combination of Bach Flowers as well as essential oils in a synergestic blend that will enable the entire household to get the rest that is needed.

Available in 100ml Spray bottle: R65.- 

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