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I am a Vibrational Health Specialist, working with alternative modalities to help you on the road to good health.

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You can find an updated version of what I am doing on my Blog which I update day to day.

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This website is dedicated to alternative therapies, remedies and information about them all. I have started a monthly newsletter where I will share information about various topics.

I have always been very involved in plant vibrations as well as phytotherapy (herbal therapies). Well nothing much has changed there, and I am still making tinctures, teas, salves and oils on a daily basis and have been blessed with some lovely clients who make my passion for herbs all the more fulfilling.


You may get your copy of this months' Newsletter as well as previous editions of the Newsletter here.  

A word about future newsletters:  

Firstly, I would like to thank all my long standing supporters, it is always so invigorating knowing that my efforts are being appreciated and for that I am extremely grateful.

This is going to be the last “Newsletter”, well in the form of a newsletter that is. You will now be able to keep up with all the information you are used to by subscribing to my blog.

On my blog you will find pages filled with natural information, recipes, updates on groups and clubs, competitions and a whole lot more. I will be updating the blog on a daily/weekly basis so there will be a lot more for your enjoyment.

I hope to enjoy your continued support whilst keeping up with our ever-developing technological age!

Warm Regards to all

Natalie Buehler

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